Top 8 Ways To Learn More About Making Crochet And Money

With people looking at ways in which they can design a Crochet on their own. It has become quite apparent to learn about more ways in which it might be possible to do so without requiring the use of complicated methods.

Rather than paying a lot of money and going in for the option to buy it ready-made, you might stand to save money and even customize the product by creating it on your own.

Here are a couple of ways in which you could perhaps learn more about how to design your very own Crochet with minimal issues.

  • Learning from a library

Like what everyone might have imagined, this would be a good option to go in for if you have the time and the patience to learn it in the right way.

In this method, you can easily browse through books and figure out what exactly you need to do.

Although you can learn in great detail, one of the things that you might consider to be a drawback of this method is that you will end up spending a significant amount of time by following it.

Consequently, it is not the most efficient way of learning more about making the Crochet.

  • Learning from another person

Another option that many people make use of when it comes to learning to make a Crochet is to learn the skills of a person that has expertise in the field.

This is an interesting way to learn since you will be able to learn more than just the basic steps to making the Crochet.

You might be able to learn the expertise and probably some of the smaller things that you might not find in other books. Many people have discovered this to be a very easy and reliable way to learn more about crocheting.

  • Following websites for sewing and quilting machine and tutorials

If you are comfortable with technology, then you ought to give this option a try. Among all the options listed so far, this is probably the easiest one to try and subsequently take advantage of.

Many people have realized that this is the option to go in for if you want to seriously learn all the different aspects to making a Crochet.

There are a number of good sewing machine review websites out there dedicated to this topic and with some effort in looking these up; you will be able to easily find them.

In this manner, you can be assured that you won’t remain confused about this concept. The ones that did manage to learn more about crocheting were quite thrilled with what they managed to discover.

Hence, if you even have the slightest interest in knitting, then you would probably want to learn more about crocheting on the side. You are guaranteed to like what you learn, and might even consider recommending it to others.

Given that this is quite a popular hobby among different individuals across all age groups, you are guaranteed to find it interesting.

Hence, get started and look around for some innovative ways to learn more about crocheting.

Do You Crochet for Profit?

  1. Simple process of making Crochets

You need crochet hooks of various sizes, yarns, and a supply of yarn color samples and crochet books and patterns for reference.


Cardboard boxes aid you in keeping your products in order. A blocking table about 3′ by 3′ heavily padded and covered with clean muslin is your base for blocking finished pieces.

Add T pins to fasten them down, a T square for making perfect squares, a good steam iron and pressing cloth. Hang up a tape measure for measuring gauges… and you’re in business.

You can make-to-order clothing, or finish gift items. Today the hand-made look is in as never before and crochet is in the lead. Watch for the trends.

2. Price for crocheting sample makers

The question of what to charge for made-to-order hand-crocheting is sometimes a problem. If you look at plush department stores, you will see a hand-crocheted suit for up to $400.00.

A smaller fraction of that price is charged when it comes from Hong Kong. Keep in mind that many women do their own crocheting. You should consider that yarn companies pay $2 to $3.00 an hour for crocheting sample makers.

Be sure to include the cost of yarn in your price unless the customer provides it, along with all findings. Remember that the greatest single factor is your time.

3. Pattern

In addition to normal and popular services, offer to crochet trimming on wool or leather garments. Consider a sideline of blocking for amateur crocheters in your neighborhood – also lining garments and putting them together.

Remember too, don’t buy yarns and patterns in large quantities except for definite orders, but do keep small supplies of many samples to show your customers.

Do follow fashion but also try to select the particular pattern appropriate to your customer’s size, age, coloring and use to which the garment is to put.

Do set the price before the customer gives you the order. Then don’t change it for any reason! This means that you will have to figure your costs and time very carefully before setting a price.

4. Learn from fashion magazines

Do keep fashion magazines and crocheting patterns and books up to date to show your customers. Do keep all left-over yarns for each customer and article made.

Put the yarns in separate envelopes with the customer’s name and address in case you are called upon to make repairs or alterations.

Do offer alteration services either for the garments you make or the customer’s own. You might offer this service to ready-to-wear shops and dry cleaners too.

Do keep to your promised dates of delivery. Nothing upsets people more or loses customers faster than being disappointed.

5. Begin with a small scale

Do start on a small scale to be sure you can keep up with orders and give yourself time to know how long everything really takes you to do.

Don’t overload yourself unless you are prepared to hire help and then be sure it’s as expert as you are. But do consider making crocheted garments to order for yarn companies, as well as individuals.

To try to secure work from a yarn company write to the company, explaining your skill. Send photos of articles you have made. Enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope for reply.

Remember, they pay about $2 an hour for expert work, with the company supplying the yarn. Do consider, too, making model garments for these companies and also for your local crocheting shops.

If your talent is for the original design, you might create original and models and write instructions for yarn companies and books. This pays about another $3 per hour.

6. Your Roi

Do look into local boutiques that might want to order garments from you for resale to their customers.

Here, you will be charging a wholesale price, unless the boutique wants to refer you to customers, in which case they may take a smaller percentage of the final selling price.

All of these do’s and don’t help you to make a home craft into a business that can be done from the comfort of your own home.