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Welcome to Scarves from the Heart

Some scarves are made of the finest wools, others from yarn recycled from a previously loved garment, or inherited from an elderly relative.

No matter the fiber, the love and caring that went into each stitch will be felt by the recipient.

Our Mission:
The Mission of Scarves from the Heart is to provide aged people with a scarf that can fill a need, be it the need for physical warmth that a scarf can offer, the need to know that someone cares which can be felt through the love that was knit or crocheted into each stitch, or the need for something to smile about.

Our people are as varied as the scarves may provide, knitted and crocheted in a variety of designs, yarns and colors.  These folks are young, and not so young, they are students, working mothers and wives, as well as stay at home moms and retired folk.

They are both men and women, as are the recipients of their generosity  Their skills at their chosen craft run the gamut from beginner to seasoned expert, to designers.

In spite of these differences they have one important thing in common – very big hearts.¬† They give knowing that the scarves they’ve worked tirelessly to complete are going to a very small charity in a community that isn’t local for many of them.

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