Information on Yarn Labels

Do You Have Problems Figuring Out Why You Need That Information on Yarn Labels for Home Crocheting?

The information on the label of a ball of wool can be essential sometimes! For example, the article number may seem insignificant when you are starting a project.

However, if you are required to order more yarn from the manufacturer or another source, they need the article number.

The care instructions on a ball of yarn are often overlooked – most people think, “I know how to wash wool, who needs that?

Well, if the care instructions are overlooked on that ball of yarn, the finished garment may lose its shape or shrink while laundering!

  • If you run out of yarn when working on a garment, make sure to check the care instructions to ensure that the first ball of yarn fits into the second yarn’s laundering instructions easily.
  • If the first ball of yarn says to machine wash in cool water, and the second ball of yarn says to dry clean, you may have a major problem!

The color name and number are essential on that tag of yarn for the home crocheter!

If you have to purchase another ball of yarn, you will see many similar colors of wool, but if you have the color name and number, you are ensured to have the same color of yarn throughout the finished crochet project!

The company name and logo, and maybe contact information supplies more information than any home crocheter realizes! For example, years ago, Popin yarn was very popular – now it’s hard to find anywhere!

  • The contact information for the company ensures that you may be able to obtain more of that same yarn from the company.

The dye lot number is put there by the manufacturer to identify yarns that are dyed in the same batch. Dye lot numbers may vary from the same company at any given time.

If you purchase your yarn from a retailer who has plenty of that dye lot number in stock, you won’t have to worry about different colors in your finished crochet project.

If you are required to purchase more wool, please remember that the dye lots change regularly from the manufacturer.

  • The gauge is provided for you on the label. Does it meet the requirements of your pattern? Sometimes, if the gauge is all wrong, maybe you should consider another type of yarn!

The manufacturer’s address is handy not to put in your address book, but in the event that you have to contact the manufacturer of that crocheting yarn to ask questions to are having trouble locating a retail store that sells their product.

  • Another essential part of that label is the ply. Ever notice that all home crocheting patterns specify 3-ply yarn or whatever?

Well, that is why the ply is so essential. Please don’t be under the impression that you can split the wool and have the desired effect, better use organic cotton – life doesn’t seem to work that way! It’s never that easy!

  • The label may or may not have the recommended hook size in order to work to the proper gauge.

The weight is another important factor to look at. Depending on how much weight and yardage the ball of yarn will cover, you may have to purchase more than one ball of yarn, depending on much yarn the crochet pattern calls for.

Now, the last item on the yarn label is yarn content. This is valuable to know from a home crocheter’s point of view.

  • If you are crocheting a sweater for someone who is allergic to wool, you want to check that you are buying acrylic yarn or whatever.

Another instance of content is when you are home crocheting a dishcloth, you will want acrylic or yarn.

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Check out the label carefully or it could add to the frustration level of home crocheting! If your frustration level is high, it can take the joy and pride out of the finished crocheted garment.

Did you know that all this information was on the labels of yarn for a reason?

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