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Knit For Others, Bring Joy to Yourself

Avid knitters all eventually face the same dilemma:

  1. What if no one you know wants or needs another scarf – least of all, yourself?
  2. What if your kids have outgrown the desire to wear your hand-knit wares, and your own closet is bursting?

Relax, no need to put down the knitting needles!

There is a whole world of charity knitting that is open to you. The great joy of charity knitting is that one may indulge in a favorite past time while also doing service to another in need.

Free knitting patterns for charity projects are plentiful; just decide which cause you support. One of the more popular charity projects is making blankets for children in poor nations. There are some rules of thumb to bear in mind when knitting blankets or blanket pieces for charity.

1. First, you don’t even have to be a knitter to participate!

If you have felting supplies, you can pick up used wool sweaters on the cheap at local thrift shops, and cut them in squares for felting. Keep your ears open for friends and family who are donating wool sweaters, and suggest that they donate them to your cause.

2. Another advantage to felting sweaters is that it takes less time than actual knitting!

For those who prefer not to felt sweaters, and instead prefer to knit, there are several options. Some charities accept full blankets, and others accept squares that are later knitted together.

3. Charities often have size requirements to make sure that the recipients get the size they need.

  • It’s a good idea to use wool or heavy wool blends for charity knitting unless otherwise specified. Some of the recipients live outside and regularly spend time near an open flame.
  • Synthetic yarns and acrylic can possibly melt near an open flame. An added bonus is that wool is resistant to moisture and anti-bacterial in nature. It is an ideal yarn for charity knitting.

There are plenty of other options for charity knitting, as well. Blanket and blanket squares are only several among many options for charity knitting. Other items you can knit for charity include hats, sweaters, vests, and other various garments.

The most important aspect of charity knitting is to choose a cause for which you have passion and a project for which you have enthusiasm.

By integrating these two things, you have the drive to finish many projects, bringing great amounts of joy.

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